Cancerkin Christmas Tombola

The annual Cancerkin Christmas Tombola is being held at the Royal Free Hospital on Friday 10th December 2010. There are over 100 prizes to be won, with donations from Chez Gérard, Bradleys Restaurant, Hampstead Tea Rooms, Joseph Koniak Hair, Daniel Adams Hairdressers, the Everyman Cinema and Daunt Books among many more. The Tombola was organised by Cancerkin staff Laura Smith, Habeeb Ahmed, Asini Wijewardane and Henry Ezenwa.

Victoria Todd, Cancerkin’s Chief Executive stated: “I am so proud of my team who have put together such an exciting day to raise money for all those women who are living with breast cancer. Cancerkin can now further develop its new restorative therapies programme and focus on the needs of those women who need us so much”.

Throughout 2010, Cancerkin has been working to extend its free services to marginalised women in East London. The charity was invited by St Joseph’s Hospice in Hackney to take our therapists and experienced patients to the area, helping and supporting over 60 women with breast cancer.


In February 2011, Cancerkin will have the honour of welcoming Professor Sir Mike Richards, National Clinical Director for Cancer at the Department of Health and UK cancer Tsar, to speak at its inaugural annual lecture.


Notes for Editors:

(1) Set up in 1987 as the first hospital-based, dedicated breast cancer charity in the UK, Cancerkin offers supportive care services to those living with the disease. The charity helps hundreds of women each year deal with the trauma of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Cancerkin objectives are:

  • to provide information, treatment, supportive care and rehabilitation for patients with breast cancer and support for those close to them
  • to offer education and training for health professionals, students and volunteers
  • to undertake and collaborate in research into breast cancer and benign breast disease
  • to evolve with the changing management of breast cancer in order make the very best use of our funding, staff and volunteer time.