FAQs about the upcoming demolition next to Cancerkin


Due to building works happening at the Bartrams Convent site behind Cancerkin we are having to move some services around inside the centre. The company who have secured the land, PegasusLife, are planning to demolish the current building and redevelop the area into retirement apartments. As demolition is a very noisy business with high levels of vibration and traffic noise, it is not possible for us to use the rooms so close to the site. There is also likely to be high levels of dust in the vicinity of the demolition which means the Centre will be sealed to protect it. Acoustic panels will be added to the windows throughout the Centre to help prevent noise and dust from entering.  We know this is not an ideal situation but the alternative options were to move to another location in Hampstead with reduced services or close completely for the duration of the building works.

Will I still be able to access Cancerkin’s services?

Yes, all of the services that Cancerkin offer will be available, this includes the Lymphoedema clinic.

How long will there be acoustic panels exist in Cancerkin?

We are currently looking to be back to normal by February.  However, as with all building works, this is subject to change and we will keep you posted. As there will be no natural light we will ensure we have lots of lamps to ensure we have enough light.

Will the class timetable stay the same?

Yes, all of the group classes will still be at the same time. Please always call on the morning of the class though to check whether it is still on. All of the one-to-one classes will still be by appointment only.

What will happen to the Lymphoedema Clinic?

The Lymphoedema Clinic will be relocated into a smaller therapy room. We have worked closely with the Royal Free Hospital to recreate our current clinic and ensure it meets the needs of all of our lymphoedema patients and staff.

How will I know if anything changes?

Any patients booked in for one-to-one therapies or group therapies will be notified by phone or text message. Please make sure all of your contact details are up to date on our system.  We will also be regularly updating our website, Facebook and twitter to ensure everyone has up to date information as it happens.

Will I still be able to make a cup of tea?

Yes, the kitchen will still be open for staff and visitors to use.  The windows will have acoustic panelling and the door will be shut to reduce noise in the internal therapy rooms.

What damage will occur to the Centre? 

We are working closely with the Royal Free hospital and PegasusLife to ensure that no long term damage from dust and vibrations occurs. This is being done by taking precautions like sealing all doors and windows, a water spray being used to compress the dust and hoardings around the perimeter of the demolition. After all of the works have finished however the whole Centre will be aired and professionally cleaned to make it as good as new again.

This is going to be a difficult time for all during the demolition period and we thank you for your patience and support. If you have any question please don’t hesitate to ask or call the office on 02078302323