How will my donations help?

Cancerkin is funded entirely by charitable donations and receives no statutory
funding or income from the NHS. We need your support so that we can continue
to provide our valued services free of charge and help more patients in the future. Every donation, big or small, is a huge help. Below is a list of ways in which your donation will have helped the hundreds of women suffering with breast cancer that
we treat each year.


£20 will buy a complementary therapy session for a breast cancer patient, providing
a moment of peace and relaxation away from the stress and pain of treatment and
the harsh reality of life with the disease. Cancerkin offers a range of 12 therapies, including massage, reflexology, and acupuncture.


This amount will pay for refreshments at our monthly patient support group for six months. The experience of livening with breast cancer can at times be isolating and lonely. Our group provides patients with the opportunity to meet others in a similar situation to themselves and to share experiences and mutual support in a relaxed, informal environment. The groups are often hosted by guest speakers, who give
talks or hold workshops on a variety of breast cancer related topics such as nutrition, body image, relaxation.


£100 will fund the training and mentoring of an ‘Experienced Patient’(EP). Our team
of EPs have all been through breast cancer treatment and its aftermath themselves and now give support and a hand-holding to those diagnosed with the disease and their families. This provides a valuable arena for patients and their loved ones to discuss their fears and anxieties.


A donation of £500 will cover the cost of lymphoedema arm sleeves, bandages
and treatment materials for two weeks. Lymphoedema, a painful swelling of the
arm, is a common yet neglected problem in breast cancer patients. Treatment
is rarely provided by the NHS as it is costly and labour intensive and many people
are left to deal with their lymphoedema alone, in pain and feeling isolated. Our services are provided free of charge to patients referred to us from 38 hospitals
across Greater London.


£1,000 will sponsor a group therapy class, such as tai chi or pilates for a year. Each weekly class can accommodate 15 patients and provides gentle exercise to help stimulate the body and relaxation techniques to calm the mind. Research shows the benefits gentle exercise can have for breast cancer patients, both in coping with side effects and in lifting the spirits.


Such a generous donation would fund an extra day of massage sessions a week for
a year. Massage is one of our most popular complementary therapies and our patients find it soothing and calming to both the muscles and the mind. It currently has a longer waiting time for a first appointment than other therapies but we are striving to extend our services to benefit more women. An extra weekly session would provide a full course of massage for 60 breast cancer patients.


£10,000 will finance a weekly session in our Lymphoedema Clinic for a year. This will potentially provide 400 extra Lymphoedema treatment sessions. We are proud to say we have extended our opening hours in recent years from three to five days. We are dedicated to maintaining the extension of our opening times to provide relief and support to more women.

These are just some examples of how your support of Cancerkin can help those affected by breast cancer. If you would like further information or are interested
in funding a specific project, please get in touch with