Remember us in your will

Everyone knows someone who needs Cancerkin. The high incidence of breast cancer makes that a sad fact. Cancerkin’s aim is to help sufferers and their families cope better with the illness and its treatment by offering a range of services to meet emotional, practical and rehabilitation needs.

Services are free of charge, regardless of where patients are treated. However, Cancerkin receives no statutory support but relies completely on voluntary funding through donations and legacies.

Some people put off making a will. They feel it is too complicated, not necessary, or simply don’t like thinking about it. In fact, it is quite straightforward and very necessary if you wish to save loved ones the distressing complications that can arise when a valid will is not written.

A will is the only way you can ensure that the people you want to benefit actually do. Whatever promises you make during your lifetime are meaningless unless they are stated in a valid will.

To help you, the Cancerkin guide to making or changing a will is now available, without obligation. If you would like a free copy of this easy-to-follow, user-friendly booklet, please email us with your name, address and postcode. Please help support Cancerkin’s supportive care, rehabilitation, education and research programmes, for people affected by breast cancer.

How will my donation help?