Programmes benefiting from Cancerkin’s support and involvement:

• The development of lymphoedema and its response to various conventional and new therapies
• The role of scintimammography in breast imaging
• The role of laser doppler imaging to assess blood flow in the breast
• Robotic recognition and assessment of mammographic abnormalities
• The influence of hormone replacement therapy on the development of breast cancer
• The influence of obesity on the development and management of lymphoedema

The intra
beam machine










The Intrabeam is a portable radiotherapy machine with a low energy photon generator, which delivers targeted radiotherapy via an applicator inserted into the cavity following removal of a breast cancer. The Hospital formally agreed to be responsible for the running costs and maintenance of the Intrabeam August 2008. The following are two papers relating to the Intrabeam machine. The Lancet paper is the randomised prospective TARGIT trial, and the second paper is the outcome in intraoperative radiation therapy patients off trial.