Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an exercise discipline known throughout the Orient for many centuries. If practiced carefully it brings about a high level of body control and a greatly increased power of mental concentration.

Tai Chi Chuan teaches how to conserve and increase your energy flow. For this reason it is suitable for people of all ages. When practiced properly, one is less tired at the end of the session than at the beginning.

Tai Chi developed under the influence of the philosophy of Taoism which over many years evolved into a number of systems of meditation, breathing exercises, and other techniques to maintain health.

Tai Chi Chuan releases stress and tension and promotes relaxation, co-ordination, muscle tone, increased energy flow, calmness, confidence, good posture and balance.

Cancerkin’s complementary caring services are available to patients with breast cancer, free of charge for a series of sessions, regardless of where they have been treated.

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