Alexander Technique

What is The Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a unique and practical method for becoming aware of how we use the whole of ourselves, mind and body, in our everyday lives.

As very young children most of us moved as nature intended: with poise and freedom. But as we grow older, the stresses and strains of everyday life literally bring us down. We accumulate unconscious habits of contraction that interfere with our natural poise bringing symptoms such as back ache, fatigue, anxiety and general lack of vitality.

In the lessons you will become aware of how your unconscious habits of reaction interfere with your natural poise. You will learn how to use your thinking to prevent this interference and direct your energies in a more positive way. The teacher guides you through this process using gentle hands-on contact and verbal guidance.

Rachel Kelly

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Cancerkin’s complementary caring services are available to patients with breast cancer, free of charge for a series of sessions, regardless of where they have been treated.

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