Reflexology can restore and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium and encourage healing. Gentle pressure is applied to different points on the feet to release tension and improve circulation. For each person the application and the effect of the therapy is unique. It can be beneficial for a wide range of acute and chronic conditions.

Judy Booth

Judy studied with The Tisserand Institute and gained a Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy & Reflexology in 1992. Since then, she has a practice in Hampstead and treats clients with a wide range of health concerns. As well as seeing private clients, she has worked at different times with The Royal Free Hospital, particularly with patients living with cancer.  She also has a particular interest in helping women maintain good health throughout their pregnancies. She joined Cancerkin in 2011.

Whilst not a replacement for orthodox medicine, in professional hands Reflexology does not interfere with medical treatments and will actively support the body’s own healing process.

Cancerkin’s complementary caring services are available to patients with breast cancer, free of charge for a series of sessions, regardless of where they have been treated.

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