Tuina Massage


Tuina has been practiced in China for over 2000 years. Like acupuncture it is one aspect of traditional Chinese medicine and the earliest records of an mo (massage) are in the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic (Huang Di Nei Jing – 475-221BC).

Tuina – pronounced “twee-nah” – literally describes two fa or techniques – tui (push) and na (grasp). There are dozens of techniques used in Chinese massage. Unique to tuina are gun (rolling) and yizhichan (one-finger meditation). The techniques can broadly be divided into two styles, yin which is more gentle, meditative and uses breathing and focussing on a specific acupuncture point, channel, organ or area and yang which is dynamic, using physical techniques to get a deeper sensation of de qi and remove blockages or knots in the channels. In China tuina is often used on patients with musculo-skeletal conditions and can be quite strong, but there are also gentle techniques used in paediatric wards and these are adapted to patients in the west to bring the body back into balance and deal with conditions such as stress.

Sessions take place on Thursdays.

Laura Ichajapanich
MSc (Chinese Medicine), Dip Tuina, BA (hons), MBAcC

Laura Bio PicLaura was born in Asia and has returned to her roots through her interest in Chinese medical and martial arts. She began teaching taijiquan (tai chi) in 1998, which laid the foundation for her Masters in Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture) at London South Bank University. During her 6-month internship at Heilongjiang University in China Laura learnt to combine her feeling of qi movement resulting from 20 years of taiji (tai chi) with knowledge of acupoints and Traditional Chinese medical (TCM) theory. She has developed a practice that incorporates the yang sheng (health cultivation) aspect of exercise with a more hands on approach of tuina (Chinese medical massage) and the powerful yet subtle techniques of traditional Chinese acupuncture.

Laura has worked at Cancerkin for over 3 years and also has a private practice based around London. She specialises in musculo-skeletal problems, stress and emotional issues, gynaecological issues, fertility and IVF as well as symptoms associated with menopause, cancer and Parkinson’s. Laura is  a co-founder of Belsize Health.